Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Energy Harvesting Nano Beacons

They may sound like the monster of the week from an upcoming episode of Doctor Who, but these energy harvesting nano beacons are actually part of a real time location system from Netclearance Systems.

Here's a picture of one of the devices from the tweet linked above:

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I assume the energy the device is harvesting is solar, which would make these little critters ideal for deployment in a retail space...though maybe not in the dark netherworld of your local Hollister store.

Very interesting...

Update: 01/03 - the following tweet from Netclearance seems to confirm the beacons are indeed photovoltaic. Energy harvesting just sounds better though, right? ;-)

"Energy harvesting #iBeacons. no batteries - no wires. just plain old light. Stay tuned for our video and demo this week"
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