Thursday, 6 March 2014

Evaluating Estimote? Read the developer kit teardown from Make:

If (like us) you're evaluating Estimote's beacon offering, this teardown and analysis from Make: is required reading.

The discussion of how to compromise the beacons is fascinating, and the working proof of concept should make anyone interested in securing their beacon network take note - which let's face it should be everyone who has a beacon network.

Take the time to scroll through the responses as Jakub Krzych, Estimote co-founder, supplies some detail on how Estimote's roadmap will address the concerns raised in the article.

Update: Wojtek Borowicz, a Community Evangelist over at Estimote has been in touch to flag up this article detailing the new features in the latest versions of the Estimote SDK and demo app; an over the air firmware upgrade is also available. There's a general note on spoofing and security that's worth reading too.

Wojtek's contribution is an example of the great work Estimote are doing on community engagement. It seems wherever there's a beacon blog there's an Estimote evangelist to highlight the company's latest initiative. This type of engagement could be instrumental to some when choosing a vendor, as it's important to feel your technology supplier has got your back - particularly when building novel applications with leading (or bleeding) edge technologies.   

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