Tuesday, 25 March 2014

TagPoints rolls out iBeacon based loyalty programme to UK shopping centre

Brighton, UK based company TagPoints is claiming a UK first in its roll out of an iBeacon based service to the Swan Centre in Eastleigh, Hampshire.

TagPoints founder Jess Stephens does a much better job of explaining the service and its supporting infrastructure than I ever could in this video from Internet Retailing.

I'll attempt to summarise by saying the service is a loyalty card platform that is capable of sending targeted marketing to end users via a mobile app. Jess gives a full explanation of the system's potential benefits in the video.

Both iOS and Android are supported, and there are some interesting usage statistics over on TagPoints' G+ page.

Congratulations to TagPoint on getting the service up and running. It's great to see real world iBeacon based service implementations, and especially pleasing that a UK startup has had the vision and energy to make this happen.
Thanks to my colleague Jan Van Eijck for the heads up.

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