Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Like to know more about how Users interact with your Apps?

I'm keen to ensure app users get the best possible experience, and my colleague Marcin Zyga recently demonstrated his use of Flurry for gathering stats on how users interact with applications he's developed.

Flurry looks good, and Marcin's careful and considered use of the tool means he's able to get some useful actionable insights from the data he's collecting, but being more familiar with Google Analytics I thought I'd see what Google (and others) are doing in this space.

Luckily Sylvain Gauchet over at Apptamin Blog has already done much of the heavily lifting for me by conducting a very useful round up of some of the main players in this space as can be seen in his blog post here, which is definitely worth a read. Thanks for that Sylvain. ;)
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