Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Getting started with Swift

Only the other day I caught myself thinking, "you know what, the world really needs more programming languages", and sure enough the folks at apple duly obliged by unveiling Swift.

There are a few features in Swift that make it more attractive and easier to use than Objective C for me. "Playgrounds" looks great and as a Java guy it's nice to see I won't have the hassle of dealing with pointers (sorry C friends, I guess I'm just a wimp).

I just came across a nice collection of "getting started with Swift" resources over at Joey Devilla's Global Nerdy Blog and thought I'd share. There should be enough there to get us all up and running, so thanks Joey. :)

I've downloaded and skimmed the developer guide, which is a free download from apple via iBooks, and next up are the Xcode 6 and iOS 8 beta downloads (note developer registration is required).

I have a Gimbal developer kit on its way from the States as I type, I wonder what my first Swift project will be.... ;)
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