Friday, 20 June 2014

Updated Sample Application and Source Code - Now with Preferences!

I've updated the iBeacon Scanner sample application, so that the user can now select which properties they'd like to log to the screen and output file.

The preferences screen is accessed via the android action bar (note the three dots in the upper right of the action bar in the second and third images below).

I've used the Android preferences API including the PreferenceFragment class to add pretences to the sample app, which effectively limits compatibility to Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and above. As Bluetooth LE was only added in Android 4.3 this shouldn't be a problem.

Updated code can be found in my repository on github.

An APK file can be found in the project's bin folder ready for side loading (here's the side loading how to guide I referenced in my previous post about the sample application.

Here are some shots of the new functionality in action:

Select the properties you're interested in...
Start scanning, and you'll see those properties on screen... 
Stop scanning and the capture data will be written to file. 
Happy Scanning. :)

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