Thursday, 5 November 2015

Future Decoded 2015 - now with iBeacons?

Belfast's Scaboodle today announced via Twitter that they are providing the official delegate's app for Microsoft's prestigious Future Decoded 2015 event:

You can read my write-up of last year's event here if you're interested.

On launching the iOS version of app I was informed that it could make use of iBeacons, I was asked if I was OK with this and given the option to decline. I'm guessing no-one puts a notification like this in for the fun of it, so it seems reasonable to assume there will be some beacon based functionality on offer at the event. I'm attending the tech day on Wednesday 11th November and I look forward to finding out whether the app provides location specific content, indoor location, or something entirely new and unexpected.

It's great to see Microsoft engaging with specialist partners and ISVs such as Scaboodle, rather than doing this work in house, or engaging with one of the large SIs. Here's hoping the event is a success for all involved.
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